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The International Montessori Index

The name Montessori is not legally protected, and can be used by anyone without oversight. Today, more than ever before, this is happening because of the ease of promoting a person, book, blog, school, online education conference, parent or teacher course, online. There are even national and international groups and individuals, with no connection with the organization Dr. Montessori created in 1929 to maintain the integrity of her teaching, who "certify" schools and training centers.

This site was created over twenty years ago to present the difference between authentic Montessori and the misleading Montessori information.

Although the word Montessori has for a long time been associated with school, the Montessori method is in reality a revolutionary method of carefully observing, discovering, and supporting the natural development of human beings, at all ages and in many situations.

Montessori ideas can be used with excellent results, and authentic Montessori environments created—in homes and other situations—only when one truly understands and follows the basic principles. Montessori is not a quick or easy journey, but it is worth the time and effort.

Here you will discover that the Montessori principles and practices are verified by modern neuroscience, and proven to be valuable in many ways, as humanity prepares for an unpredictable future. And why it is the fastest growing and most sought after method of education today.

The International Montessori Index is shared by colleges and universities around the world. It is linked to many Montessori school sites, and is often cited in academic papers.

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You may use anything from this site for educational purpose including academic papers, citing "with permission of The International Montessori Index,"

There have been more than 100,000 million visits to this site from all over the world since it was created by several Montessori organizations working together in 1998.

This page was updated on May 10, 2021